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Preparation course for obtaining Italian citizenship - level B1

As of 2018, the Italian government has set a new condition for obtaining Italian citizenship: every applicant must have a certificate of knowledge of the Italian language at level B1. This is a relatively high level that requires a respectable familiarity with the language. If skills at a basic everyday conversation level were once sufficient, today the requirements have become much more serious and knowledge of grammatical subjects and a considerable vocabulary is required. Reaching this level requires study and investment.


The DANTE Institute offers a course that accompanies students until they achieve mastery of Italian at the B1 level.


Accelerated Course
Intensive course - from beginners to level B1
176 academic hours (88 meetings)

Course frequency: 2 lessons a week, for about 10 months
Price: NIS 8800 including study materials

דרכון איטלקי italian passport.jpg

All DANTE Institute courses are recognized and taught in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

B1 Level Certificate for the Italian Consulate

DANTE is among the few institutions in the world recognized by the Italian government to issue a certificate of the language level required for citizenship.
Those interested in being tested for proof of compliance at level B1 are asked to fill out the online form at the following link:

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